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Medical and Clinical Protocols

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Triage Level Updated Austin (Word)

Protocol Altered Mental Status Austin 2018 (Word)

Protocol Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Policy Kansas City. 2023. (PDF)

Protocol General Care Austin 2018 (Word)

Protocol Medical SD 2019 (PDF)

Protocol Nursing SF 2016 (PDF)

Protocol Operating Procedures Wales 2016 (PDF)

Protocol Opiate Overdose Austin 2018 (Word)

Protocol Policy and Procedure Manual RI 2015 (PDF)

Protocol Referral Criteria Bakersfield 2020 (Word)

Protocol Syncope Austin 2018 (Word)

Protocol Toxic Ingestion Overdose Austin 2018 (Word)

Protocol Triage Austin 2018 (PDF)

Protocol Triage Salinas 2019 (PDF)

Protocol Triage SF 2015 (PDF)

Protocol Typical Encounter Austin 2020 (PDF)

Protocol Withdrawal Management Austin 2019 (Word)