to identify, develop, and disseminate translational research, best practices and policies, and education towards the formation and sustainability of sobering centers for the care of individuals with harmful substance use.


The National Sobering Collaborative is excited to launch our new National Directory of Sobering Centers compiled in partnership with programs across the country. These efforts are to inform others about the operational components and services offered in the provision of sobering care and increase communication between programs.

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We are a coalition of mental health providers, social workers, homeless services experts, criminal justice, emergency medical providers, peer recovery specialists, nurses and physicians who recognize the suffering of this population, and the impact that it has public infrastructure. The National Sobering Collaborative recognizes there are multi-factorial influences affecting substance use, and the person must be the center of all discussions and interventions regarding public intoxication.

The National Sobering Collaborative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, bringing together a group with diverse backgrounds committed to addressing the needs of the intoxicated person. Our efforts focus on programs caring for adults with acute drug and alcohol intoxication, including those who are homeless, marginally-housed, or permanently-housed. Led by a committed Board of Directors, we offer a forum for national communication and provide a platform for sobering care providers and stakeholders from around the country to engage in dialogue regarding care models, best practices, policy, and programmatic issues.

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Shannon, President & Co-Founder – National Sobering Collaborative

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