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Standards for Sobering Care

Jan. 12th, 2024  |  10:00 AM, PST

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About the event

The National Sobering Collaborative released the first-ever National Standards of Care for Sobering Centers at the 2023 NSC Sobering Summit in Washington DC. Join us to learn more about the creation of these standards, their content, and enter into discussion on the next steps for their rollout.

Dr. Shannon Smith-Bernardin

A registered nurse by trade, Dr. Shannon Smith-Bernardin is a nurse consultant, researcher, educator, and health care practitioner. She has worked in homeless health care since 2006, with expertise in community-based sobering care for acute alcohol and drug intoxication, alcohol harm reduction including managed alcohol programs, medical respite/recuperative care, and street nursing teams for persons who are unsheltered. Shannon’s primary focus is on the utilization of sobering centers in lieu of the emergency department and jail for adults intoxicated in public.

Dr. Smith-Bernardin holds a doctorate from University of California, San Francisco School of Nursing, a Master’s from Western University of Health Sciences, and a Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College.To view the public summary of the Sobering Standards of Care, visit the NSC website. Zoom link will be sent out with event registration.

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