Call for Presentations

Filling the Gap in Substance Use Care 2023 Sobering Summit

The 2023 National Sobering Collaborative Sobering Summit will be held October 5-6, 2023 at the Eaton DC hotel located in downtown Washington DC. 


In order to be considered for acceptance your proposal must:

  • Be reflective of the Summit theme “Filling the Gap in Substance Use Care”
  • Be relevant, timely, and appropriate for sobering center staff and stakeholders
  • Have clear, concise, and realistic learning objectives
  • Be well-structured, coherent, and easy to understand 
  • Align with the mission and vision of the National Sobering Collaborative


Each proposal will be reviewed by two members of the Summit Committee using a blind review process. Please keep in mind that presentation slots are limited. For this reason, presenters may not appear on the program in more than two presentations.

Priority consideration will be given to proposals on the topics below. Proposals outside of these topics are still welcome and encouraged.

  • Cost-benefit analysis of Sobering Centers
  • Funding models for sustainability
  • Outcomes / evaluations for Sobering Centers
  • Overdose follow-up / ED Collaborations
  • Partnerships with law enforcement
  • Peer recovery coaches’ role in sobering
  • Hospitals and EMS as referral partners
  • Role of medication assisted treatment in sobering care 
  • Standardized national reporting requirements benefits
  • State reimbursement (e.g. CalAIM)
  • Sobering Center program models 
  • Technology tools for client/data tracking and reporting
  • Transitioning from Sobering to Treatment
  • Transportation processes for referral partners
  • Trends, impact, and cost of substance use on first responder and emergency systems
  • Where sobering care fits in the continuum of care


Selected proposals will qualify the presenter for a discounted Summit registration rate of $325. Notifications of acceptance will be made by May 31, 2023. Please note that we are unable to make reimbursements for previously registered Summit attendees. To take advantage of the discount, please refrain from registering for the Summit until after notification. Early bird registration will remain open until June 7, 2023.

The Summit Planning Committee looks forward to receiving your request to share your knowledge and present at this year’s event.

Please indicate the names of co-presenters, if any, and include the same general information as on the previous step.

All questions below are optional and will not be shared with reviewers.

The review process is blinded; presenter information, affiliations, and identifying information will not be shared with reviewers. Please refrain from including identifying information in this section. Please use third person without any identifying information (e.g. “the center,” “the presenter”).

Please note that Power sessions and Panel submissions will be paired with other presenters on similar topics

Please list measurable objectives for your presentation (Example: After attending this session, participants will be able to identify how sobering care fits into harm reduction philosophy). Three objectives are required for full sessions and one objective is required for power session or panel.