Who We Are

The National Sobering Collaborative is a group with diverse backgrounds committed to addressing the needs of the intoxicated people who is frequently homeless and utilizes public services. We are a coalition of mental health providers, homeless services experts, social workers, nurses and physicians who recognize the suffering of this population and the impact that it has public infrastructure.We are also a forum for communication on this topic and are a coalition of sobering centers from around the country that provide care to this population.

What We Do

The intoxicated citizen, who is frequently homeless, is being cared for by a wide range of different services across the country. These are often jails, emergency departments, homeless shelters and sobering centers. We recognize the great cost to cities, the health care system and homeless services in providing care under this current model. We also recognize the frequently recidivist cycle that this system encourages and the suffering of those using these services.

Get Involved

The best way to get involved is to post on our forum. Who are you, how are you involved? Where are you and what population are you involved with? If you are involved with a program that provides these services, how are you funded, what do you see as obstacles to providing better care? We want to create a national dialogue on this issue.As we grow and our three aims of Advocacy, Research and Policy develop, let us know how you or your center can be involved. We recognize you are the experts in your area and we want to hear from you as we coordinate national solutions and policies.